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Book the collectors apprentice free download. The Collector’s Apprentice

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The Collector’s Apprentice, by B.A. Shapiro – A Bookish Type

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Book the collectors apprentice free download


Top reviews from the United States. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. The Collectors Apprentice is not at the same level The pacing seemed forced, all in the service of moving the story along but not particularly interesting.

It maybe was a fine book but I started with higher expectations for it so was a bit disappointed. I love the premise of the novel, and the way fact and fiction are interwoven. Clearly, Shapiro did a lot of research. I am an artist so I did not have to look up any of the artworks.

However, Shapiro used a lot of cliches and skimmed too quickly over some parts. I would much prefer to read a book that is twenty pages longer and have it go smoothly. This is the most interesting book I have read in a long time. Wonderful, complex reading for those interested in art, art history, aesthetics, the s decade Shapiro has a fine hand when it comes to the English language; she wields this admirable asset deftly and effectively.

Example: Descriptive passages allowing the reader to visualize. She challenges the reader to keep up, and this is one of her many strengths. Example: Moving the story through time and space with ease and facility.

The story includes many historical characters who speaks as they would have spoken. Warning: Do not start this book at bedtime. You won’t be able to stop. I loved it. Henri Matisse’s ‘La Joie de Vivre’ is probably my favorite piece of art, so discovering this gorgeous work is central to The Collector’s Apprentice was a real treat! As an art history buff, I knew a lot about the Barnes Foundation and his incredible collection. The book slowly draws you in but I found myself speed reading to the end because I couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

It did take me a while to understand George’s role – he is quite an insufferable character – and it was only in the final chapters that it became clear why he was part of this story. I don’t want to give away too much, but can say the end is quite clever! This is the story about a fascinating era, the birth of incredible modern art collections, important artists, and strong-willed collectors. Fans of art history and historical fiction will really enjoy this one.

I was disappointed in this book it was not nearly as captivating as her earlier books. I found the language too simplistic and the plot boring. And I usually love books about art and art history. This one I put aside half read. Her third novel fell short.

Her insight into Matisse and what he and his peers were trying to achieve was well done. By Barnes was inadequately developed, and his relationships with his wife, chief of staff and the key patrons of the Philadelphia Museum of Art were disappointingly shallow. This book was difficult for me to read. Unlike a few other book group selections, I did finish this one. There was way too much descriptions of art and the art world for my taste.

The story seemed very contrived. See all reviews. Bradley hires Vivienne Gregsby to assist him in his buying adventures. Her interest in art was learned at the feet of her father, an avid collector himself. Vivienne is thrust into the art world of Paris and Philadelphia, traveling between the two cities as she helps Bradley build his unparalleled pool of work. Woven throughout the story are the artists of the day: Picasso, Fitzgerald and Matisse with whom Vivienne has an affair , lending even more reality to this art history whodunit.

When Bradley dies, his wife suspects murder and accuses Vivienne, who stands to inherit the mass of the Bradley collection. Arrested and distraught, Vivienne stands against an angry widow and her suitor, who wants the collection for the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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Book the collectors apprentice free download

To make matters worse it was her fiance who perpetrated the con that led to the loss of the art. Fortunately Vivienne is perfectly suited for a job in the art world as she was raised in a world surrounded by great art and he father made sure to educate her about art and artists.

When she is offered a job by a wealthy American collector she jumps at the chance and is soon helping him and attending soirees with Gertrude Stein and Henri Matisse. She and Matisse are soon much more than friends. Her life becomes a whirlwind of travel between Europe and Philadelphia helping to set up a new museum with her American, Edwin Bradley. But life is never simple, nor is the course of love. Her ex fiance shows up again, but why?

Before she can find out he ends up dead and she is the main suspect. Will she be able to finish her work with Bradley? Will she get out from under the murder charges? Oh, this was a book full of intrigue and mystery. And art — lots of art, whether stolen or not it is the focus of the story. The book is loosely based on real events and I always enjoy a story with a grounding in reality. I found the characters to be interesting and unique.

Shapiro knows how to bring a time period and place alive with her writing. I found myself all wrapped up in the excitement of travel between countries at a time when such travel was far more interesting than it is now. It all came alive as I turned the pages. The ending was not what I was expecting but it was satisfying. In Paris, Paulien re-invents herself as Vivienne, and she falls back on the one thing she loves; Art.

Wanting to feel that connection to her father, she looks for jobs in galleries, and starts modeling for painters. Poor but safe, she meets a wealthy American Art Collector and her destiny changes again.

With Dr. As Dr. Bradley recognizes her expertise, he wants her to help him in Philadelphia with his newly acquired art collection.

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カテゴリ未分類 Buon Natale! Is a man like George capable of love? Shapiro based George on her study of sociopaths, imbuing him with many of the characteristics of this kind of personality disorder, particularly his lack of empathy. Have you ever encountered anyone with these traits in your own life? Does this enhance or detract from the believability of the story?

Was this helpful? What are some of the questions you would ask her if you could?