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The Service Manual contains product overview information, troubleshooting and diagnosis help, wiring diagram details, major component breakdown. This ice maker is designed for domestic use only. All units besides the IBSSOD should only be used indoors. Do not use the unit for industrial or commercial. View and Download EdgeStar IWSS user manual online. Ice Maker with Water Dispenser. IWSS ice maker pdf manual download.


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Introduction Thank you for purchasing this EdgeStar ice maker. We hope that this purchase will be the beginning of a lasting and rewarding relationship between you and EdgeStar. We will provide the customer support and exemplary products necessary to nurture that relationship. Page 6: Parts Identification Parts Identification Note: Gather the model and serial number from the product label and write them down on the previous page before installing the ice maker.

Page 7: Installation Installation The ice maker should be installed in accordance with local electrical code requirements. The ice maker should also be placed in a location that is strong enough to support its total weight, keeping in mind that it will weigh substantially more when fully loaded with water and ice than when empty.

It is recommended that a separate circuit, serving only your ice maker, be provided. Have all packing materials and tape been removed from the interior and exterior of the ice maker? Have the installation instructions been followed, including connecting the machine to electricity? And has proper grounding been installed for the ice maker?

After 1 hour, plug the unit back in and turn on power. Make sure the water reservoir is full and the unit begins making ice. If the error persists, contact EdgeStar support. Most of the new sounds are normal. These cleaners may transmit taste to the ice cubes, or damage and discolor the interior.

You should unplug the unit before cleaning the exterior and interior. Routine maintenance: 1. Take out the ice basket. Page Routine Cleaning Routine Cleaning Ensure that you thoroughly clean each attached and removable part so your ice maker will be fully clean and ready for use.

Water Pipe: The water pipe is detachable, so you can remove it, clean with soap, and run clean, warm water through the pipe. Page Troubleshooting Check the product label for power requirements. Page 16 Make sure the drain plug is installed. An internal hose may have been Contact EdgeStar support.

Avoid subjecting the cooler to external heat sources or direct sunlight. The Ice Maker with Water Dispenser is an electrical appliance. To avoid injury or death. Do not use any liquid other than water in the dispenser or to make ice. Always turn off the unit and unplug it when there is no water left in a bottle or when. Turn it back on after a new bottle has been installed and purge.

Unplug the unit before cleaning or making any repairs. Do not clean the unit with flammable fluids. The fumes can create a fire hazard or. This appliance is designed for non-commercial use only. Performance may vary depending on operational conditions. Previous Page. Next Page. If damaged, it must be replaced by a qualified technician. Unit outline… We are glad you choose us and we take pride in knowing that, like our products, our customer service will be just as dependable.

Once you complete the easy unit set up by following this manual, your Ice Maker with water dispenser will provide you years of great service. When removing the package, do not turn the unit upside down, or lay it on its side. Remove the strapping b. Open the cartoon box. Remove the Styrofoam packing from the box. Make sure that the unit is not plugged into the outlet. Before placing drinkable water bottle on the unit, be sure that the drain caps on the back are tightly fastened.

The ice making cycle lasts between 7 and 15 minutes, depending on the ambient temperature of the surrounding room. Warning: Unplug and drain your unit before cleaning it or performing maintenance!

To clean the outside enclosure of the unit, wipe down with a wet soft cloth with liquid dish washing soap. Page 11 Wash the inside parts of ice-making cabinet with the dish washing fluid, thoroughly rinsing it, and opening the drain cap for ice dispenser on the bottom left corner to remove the dirty water. Securely re-fasten the drain cap. With dishwashing fluid, clean the ice and water separator, and ice storing plate. Page Troubleshooting Guide Check and reset Blown out Replace Blown out Contact customer service representatives online via email at service edgestar.

The temperature of water Store the water bottle supplied in the bottle is in a cool location Contact customer service representatives- online via email at service edgestar. Page Product Specifications The unit is not level. Page 17 Once an EdgeStar authorized representative has confirmed that your product is eligible for warranty service, the product must be returned to our EdgeStar repair facility.

The purchaser is solely responsible for prepaying all shipping related costs to and from the repair facility.