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Jdsu hst 3000 manual download

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Jdsu hst 3000 manual download.JDS Uniphase HST-3000 User Manual

View online (4 pages) or download PDF ( KB) JDS Uniphase HST Ethernet SIM Product Manual • HST Ethernet SIM gateways/controllers PDF manual. The. JDSU HST, equipped with the Ethernet Service Interface Module (SIM) and mainframe’s VoIP and IP Video options, addresses the broad requirements for. 7. This guide is a product of JDSU’s Technical Information. Development Department, issued as part of the HST The catalog number for a printed user’s guide.


Jdsu hst 3000 manual download. JDS Uniphase HST-3000 User Manual


Table Of Contents. Quick Links. See also: User Manual. Table of Contents. Previous Page. Next Page. All rights reserved. Federal This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the EMEA jdsu. Page 8 DLCI list results Page 9 Event Table results Assumptions This guide is intended for novice, intermediate, and experi- enced users who want to use the HST Frame Relay testing option efficiently and jdsu hst 3000 manual download.

We assume that you have basic computer experience and are familiar with basic telecommunications safety, concepts, and terminology. Jdsu hst 3000 manual download guide holley manual kit the following information: — Code продолжить output messages All results okay appear downloac this jdsu hst 3000 manual download.

Table 4 Symbol conventions This symbol represents a general hazard. This symbol represents a mannual of electrical shock. The Frame Relay option offers the following features jdsu hst 3000 manual download capabil- ities: — Traffic Jvsu. You can use the HST to generate Table 1 describes the LEDs.

Page Operating Modes — Monitor: Allows you to monitor a live frame relay cir- cuit. Results jddu gathered for both directions. Also, an overview of all the active DLCIs and their status is displayed.

Other soft keys are avail- able and will vary depending on the interface you selected. You have specified dwnload test mode for the HST. The FR Load Settings menu на этой странице. Burst Idle Time Time, ranging from 0. User 1 Data Enter a hexidecimal value from 1 to 64 bytes long. To specify frame header settings 1 Access the test configuration menus. Page 33 — 0: Indicates the field is blank. Configuring the LMI Settings Local Management Interface LMI is a signaling mechanism often used on frame relay networks to communicate informa- tion about the status of a network connection.

Page 36 4 Do one of the following: — To configure other manua settings, press a different soft key. The frame relay LMI settings are configured. Узнать больше здесь messages can be displayed as link trace results in text, hexidecimal, or text jdxu hexidecimal format. Page Managing Test Configurations The configuration storage feature allows you to save partic- ular test configurations, load a previously saved configuration, and delete saved configurations.

To view the configuration storage feature 1 Press the Configure navigation key. To store a test configuration 1 Set up the HST for the test jdsu hst 3000 manual download are performing. Press the 4 donwload. The test configuration is deleted. Page 42 4 Press the DS1 jdsu hst 3000 manual download key. The DS1 Settings menu appears. You can monitor traffic on a bulk rate or nx64 circuit. Separate E1 circuits results are provided for each receiver. The Datacom Settings menu appears. Page Generating Traffic Loads You are monitoring frame relay traffic on a datacom interface.

Generating traffic loads Using downloav HST and a SIM with the Frame Relay option, you can transmit and receive dowmload frames over the circuit to test the integrity источник статьи the data link. The Mnual Relay option Page 47 3 Press the DS1 soft key. Page 48 11 After you manuall configuring the test settings, press the Home navigation key. Page Manuap Circuits To change the settings, do one of the following: — Navigate to the desired item by selecting the item number using the keypad — Use the arrow keys to highlight the item and then press OK.

The Interface Settings menu appears. Page 53 4 Press the DDS soft key. The DDS Settings menu appears. Page 55 Lng Frm Rx Thresh Enter a value, from 5 to bytes, to indicate the long frame receive threshold.

The HST will maintain a count of received frames that exceed the specified threshold. Page Viewing Test Results 3 Select a subcategory. The results for the category appear. Page Frame Relay Results The average percentage of link utiliza- tion on the received channel since the start of the test.

Page 61 for example, the address field, the information field, and the FCS field. Page 63 Count of frame relay mqnual with FCS errors. Page 64 Test Frm Rx Count of the total number of frame relay frames detected for the link.

Thrput bps Rx The current received throughput, in bits per second, measured over the last second. Page Ping Results Min Delay ms Minimum round trip delay, measured in milliseconds, since the start of the test. Tx Pings Count adobe acrobat x pro youtube free download transmitted jdsu hst 3000 manual download packets since the перейти test restart.

Figure 1 shows detailed decoded LMI text. Page Event Table Results A histogram is a display or print output of test results in a bar graph format. Histograms enable you to quickly identify spikes and jdsu hst 3000 manual download of errors over a specific interval of time seconds, minutes, or hours. Page Jdsu hst 3000 manual download Histogram Results NOTE: When viewing a histogram, the left and right arrow keys can not be used to navigate through the other result cate- gories. Use the Display softkey to select and then view another category.

Page 71 Bc — Committed Burst Size. Page Glossary The network American Msnual designator. Page 73 A FRAD as the connection status mecha- may be a standalone device or it jds for frame jst service. Page 74 Establishing a jdsu hst 3000 manual download reply. Ping requests are typically by using the SVC signaling used to test connectivity.

You protocol Q. Page 75 TNV — Telephone-network voltage. Tx — Transmitter or /1143.txt. Print page 1 Print document 82 pages. Rename the bookmark. Delete bookmark? Cancel Delete. Delete from my manuals? Sign In OR. Don’t have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload 30000. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.

VIAVI HST USER MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib.(PDF) JDSU HST RFC Ethernet Testing Guide | Giao Nguyen –

Table Of Contents. Quick Links. Table of Contents. Previous Page. Next Page. All rights reserved. The Viavi, logo is a trademark of Viavi Solutions, Inc. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the prop- erty of their respective owners. No part of this guide may be reproduced, transmitted electronically, or otherwise distrib- uted without written permission of the publisher.

Page 5 In the European Union, all equip- ment and batteries purchased from Viavi after can be returned for disposal at the end of its useful life.

Viavi will ensure that all waste equipment and batteries returned are Page 8 Turning the unit on and off Page 9 Configuring international settings Page 11 Event log Page 12 VT cabling Page 13 Environmental specifications Page About This Guide Assumptions This guide is intended for novice, intermediate, and experi- enced users who want to use the HST effectively and efficiently.

We are assuming that you have basic computer experience and are familiar with jdsu hst 3000 manual download telecommunication concepts, terminology, and safety. It contains overall information relating to device and general functions such as jdsu hst 3000 manual download the unit with a keyboard, peripheral support, battery charging, saving and printing results, and managing files.

Code and output messages All results okay appear in this typeface. Table 4 Symbol conventions This symbol represents a general hazard. This symbol represents a risk of electrical shock. Page About The Hst Modules can be changed in the field and are designed for plug-and-test simplicity and ease of use. Page Jdsu hst 3000 manual download Unit Features The web browser allows viewing a web page to verify internet access.

Viavi can be contracted to customize and install scripts as well as other back office interoperability. Table 1 describes the available base units. Viavi offers a wide variety of SIMS and software options; contact your local Viavi representative for details.

The regional sales offices are listed on the back cover of this guide. Status LEDs Soft keys Arrow keys The arrow keys are used to navigate jdsu hst 3000 manual download menu selections; for example, to move to a different selection, to scroll to another tab, and so on.

Page Navigation Keys The second function key, sometimes called the shift key, is function key used to give the numeric keys an extra function. An arrow icon appears on the screen when you press the second function key. Page Power Key Jdsu hst 3000 manual download. Found under the pound key, toggles the display backlight on and off. Power key The power key turns the unit power on or off.

Figure 4 shows the top panel, with a copper testing SIM attached. Page Headset Connector The Headset connector is used to connect a 2. You can also connect the optional cigarette lighter adapter. Using the LCD and keypad, you can perform tasks such as viewing test results, setting up the unit, and configuring test parameters. Page Status Icons The quick help line gives a short description for navigating the menu or quick instructions for a task.

Menu items and The menu item and description area present a highlighted descriptions menu item jdsu hst 3000 manual download gives a short description of the item. Keypad:abc Repeated key presses cycle through the number and lower case letters for that key for example, 2, a, b, c.

Page 41 Use the left or right arrow key to navigate among the charac- ters. Entering menus To enter the various menus available on the HST, use the second function keys, navigation keys, arrow keys, or press the corresponding menu item number on the keypad fastest. Page 42 Home to return to the measurements screen.

NOTE: Since there are multiple jdsu hst 3000 manual download to enter, move through, and select menu items, the fastest method is used in the proce- dures throughout this manual. Operation outside these conditions may be dangerous or may damage the instrument. For additional safety information, refer to the printed safety document or the electronic safety document located on the HST jdsu hst 3000 manual download documentation CD-ROM. The module is removed. Figure 10 shows an incorrect insertion.

Turning the unit on and off Before using the HST, you should turn on the unit. The User Preferences menu appears. The Power Management Settings menu appears. The Instrument Setup menu appears. The HST has an internal clock that you can set to provide accurate time stamps for test results. The following procedure describes how to change the time format. The ethernet port settings are changed. You must turn the unit off then back on for the HST to recognize another change.

The Bluetooth Settings menu appears. The HST will scan for devices. This may take a minute. Page Configuring International Settings 5 Select a language from the list.

The language setting applies to both the wording on the user interface and the voice responses, where applicable. The HST shuts down, and then restarts with the selected language. Page 63 The Remote Operation Setting menu appears. In DSL, you can perform modem emulate tests with Data mode off. Page Remote Coaching Ending a remote Ending a remote operation session involves quitting the operation session session on the PC or laptop and turning the HST off, and then on again power cycling.

If the Bluetooth soft key does not appear, you need an external Bluetooth dongle. Page 69 Troubleshooting This section describes common issues and solutions related to the Remote Operation feature.

Please read this section before contacting technical assistance. Issue Where do I find the version information for the Remote Oper- ation software? Page 70 Jdsu hst 3000 manual download Operation Application.

There may be an occasion, such as when contacting Viavi technical support, where you need to access посмотреть больше information about the PC’s Bluetooth configuration. Page 71 Issue The pairing code window disappears quickly. Repeat the pairing process. Contact your IT department. Issue The viewing window disappears suddenly. Resolution The HST has moved out of range.

Move the HST back in range and reconnect. Page Installing X. To clone a device 1 Press the System navigation key. Page 74 Select Transmit Clone. It is recommended that you transmit clone files before running tests. Using the Sound Settings menu, you can adjust the volume level of the internal speaker. The following procedures describe how to adjust the volume. The Screen Settings menu appears. Page Adjusting The Backlight Brightness Setting the The following procedure describes how to set the backlight backlight activation.

For color displays, the backlight is always on. Page Setting The Backlight Duration You can set the duration for up to 65 seconds. The repeat delay is set. Setting the The following procedure describes how to set the repeat rate. To set auto power down parameters 1 Access the User Preferences menu see page Restoring factory jdsu hst 3000 manual download The following procedure describes how to reset the HST to factory default settings. NOTE: Restoring factory defaults resets test application settings and system settings such as brightness, contrast, and vol- umeand powers down the unit.

Page Using The Hst With A Mobile Device This chapter provides task-based instructions for using the optional app that is available for mobile devices. The Controller page appears.

Page Controlling The Device Interface — Videos—view instructional videos — Accessories— view the guide for the accessories If you are controlling the HST using an iPhone instead of an iPad, the screen will appear slightly different: Job Jdsu hst 3000 manual download is not an icon at the bottom.

Page 87 Chapter 5 Using the HST with a mobile device Controlling the device interface T o return to the main Controller page, select the Controller button in the upper left.